trent_j_reznor (trent_j_reznor) wrote,


Spent the night last night at drok_vox's mom's place and things did indeed get a little rowdy. I have the teeth marks to prove it! Yep, teeth marks. :D

Went to breakfast this morning, after like three hours of sleep, sort of. Other people went to breakfast and I simply stood out in the rain and called them on their cell phones begging for attention, but they just ibnored me and/or hung up on me. :o

fridgedicebunny had a really neat hat. I think I'll have to dupe her into placing a wager on it... I don't think it'll work for the Oil Pig vid quite as well as the Jagermeister hat would have, but I bet I could really put it into good use on the vid for I'm Deep Down in a Dark Black Hole with Nothing but My Pain and Hate and Blood to Sup On. :D
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