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Well, things are finally starting to look up back here in Ohio. Since he'd lost his engineering job recently, I wanted to help Uncle Kevin start up some sort of business that wasn't too likely to bend or fold too quickly underneath the burden of economic factors, so we settled on a carwash. Found a nice spot on Chagrin Boulevard, south of the Beachwood Place Mall a little ways. Sure, it's a twenty minute drive from Uncle Kevin's place, but the location was good and it cost a lot less annually than some of the locations we looked at in Cleveland.

Sunday afternoon, some of my cousins came over with some lawnchairs and we sat and had a few beers at the carwash as Aunt Clarice ceremonially brought the first car through. She even insisted on paying.

The best part was once we were a little tipsy, my cousin Brent started making funny remarks about the color of the exterior of the building. After a bit Phil asked him, "Until I see you out here with a gallon of paint, it's staying just the way it is!!" To which Brent said, "I'll paint this place..." Heh, we'll see if he actually chooses to remember it once he's sober...
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